Personal Injury and Property Damage Liability Defense

Claims of personal injury and property damage can involve multiple parties and complex relationships. Understanding the dynamics of each client’s industry is essential.  Our experience with a wide variety of liability cases has enabled us to provide our clients with a vigorous defense that is both thorough and economical.   
We involve our clients at every stage of the process, from initial investigation and assessment of liability through resolution.   While we are prepared to litigate, we also explore mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures and our attorneys have significant experience in bringing together large groups of claimants and defendants for this purpose.   We understand our clients’ need to preserve their business relationships and we approach our settlements with this in mind.  
Our clients include insureds, self-insureds, individuals, and businesses.   We have successfully defended them in a wide range of matters including commercial lines in the trucking, carting and livery industry; personal lines auto defense; construction injury cases governed by the New York State Labor Law and significant construction defect cases; products liability cases; and actions arising at hotels, restaurants and bars around the world. 

Our experience is complemented by a large network of industry experts to form successful defense strategies.


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